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Eyelash Extensions


Extensions last about 4-6 weeks.  If you love your extensions and want to continue wearing them, touch-ups to keep the set looking full and lush are required about every 2-4 weeks.


Our technicians are the most highly skilled in safety, they use the best products available and they truly understand the art of application giving you a glamorous 24-7 look! 

My FIRST Eyelash Extensions - 1 hour - Special Pricing!

Have you ever been curious how it would look on you to have eyelash extensions? Here's a great way to try it! CLASSIC is a one-on-one application where one extension is attached to one natural lash and NEVER on the skin. Once you'll have them, you will forget you have them at all because they feel so natural. Experience how it would look and feel!

Classic Eyelash Extension 1 hour 30 minutes

A Classic Full Set consists of a minimum of 60 lashes per eye for a natural look. We use only the safest materials and apply the lashes one to one for the most natural, healthy and luxurious experience.

Classic GLAMOUR Eyelash Extensions 2 hours

A Glamour Full Set consists of a minimum of 75 lashes per eye for a super sexy look. We use only the safest materials and apply the lashes one to one for the most natural, healthy and luxurious experience. You also have a choice of curl style and length; very natural curl (least curl), standard natural curl, noticeable curl, and in between 9mm-16mm in length choices.

VOLUME (2D/3D/4D) Eyelash Extensions

This is a skilled application technique where multiple, very thin lash extensions up to 4D, are being applied onto ONE natural lash at the same time.  It is UNLIKE the classic technique where one lash extension is applied unto ONE natural lash and NEVER on the skin.  These are not the pre-made fanned lashes.  Once you'll have them, you will forget they are there because they feel so natural.  Experience how it would look and feel!

TOUCHUPS  1 hr - 2hrs

Only for existing clients.  Replacement of grown-out extensions and adding new extensions to the existing set. If your extensions have been applied at a different location, call us at (818)281.8547 and we will be happy to help you book your first appointment with us!


Fill or Touch Up Policy

We can only do fills if you still have some existing extensions.  If you have less than 10% of the original extensions, a new full set will be applied and charged for.

If an appointment was made for a fill and you have less than 10% of the original extensions, we will apply and charge you for a full set.

Do you have lash extensions that were applied at another salon?  It is our standard practice to remove those lashes and then apply a new full set.  We have outstanding quality and products and your new lashes simply would not match the existing ones.  There is an additional $30 removal fee in addition to the new set. 


Eyelash Extension Care and Maintenance


  • Avoid water-proof mascara.

  • Do not rub, twist or pull at eyelashes. 

  • Only use oil-free eye makeup and eye makeup remover.

  • Never put your lashes in the direct stream of a shower head.

  • Lashes must be washed with a gentle foamy cleanser everyday. We recommend The Garden Spa’T’s Pomegranate & White Tea Foaming Cleanser.

  • Be kind to your lashes!  This will directly affect the look of your lashes and the length of time between touch-ups.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are safely attached to the natural lashes.  They are adhered to one of your own lashes and they are never adhered to the skin.   


How long do the extensions last?

Eyelash extensions normally last from 4 to 6 weeks depending on one's lash care, maintenance and on the individual's natural lash cycle and shedding.


How often do I need to have a touch up?

About every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how well the lashes are maintained and how full the client wants their lashes to appear.


How safe are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions, when properly applied, are completely safe.


Do I need to use curlers?

One of the advantages of having eyelash extensions is the freedom from using eyelash curlers.


Can I wear mascara?

Another advantage of having eyelash extensions is that there is no more need for mascara.  Some clients still prefer to wear mascara so we strongly recommend water-based mascara that is only applied on the tips.


This is my first time and I don't know what style to select?

Our professional technicians are trained, certified and well versed with the artistry of lash extensions.  They are happy to assist you with style selection and make recommendations based on your eye shape and the desired look you want to achieve.


I just had eyelash extensions done someplace else and the extensions are poking me.  Is this normal? Can you help?

​This is not normal and we can help!  The eyelash extensions were not applied properly to your natural lashes.  We can remove those extensions, relieve you from your irritation and discomfort, and properly apply new extensions.


My lashes are all clumped-up!  Is this normal?  Can you help?

​This is not normal and we can help!  The person who applied them may have used too much adhesive and glued your lashes together.  Clumps and stickies will damage your natural lashes so come in ASAP and let our professionals help you out of this sticky situation!  We will remove them so you won't prolong damaging your natural lashes.


I’m done with my lashes.  Can I just pull the extensions out one by one?

​DO NOT attempt to remove your lash extensions by yourself. You need the assistance of a qualified professional lash artist.  By pulling out the extensions you are also pulling out your own eyelash. Come in and let us help you and keep you looking magnificent and your eyelashes healthy.  We’ve got this!




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